Changes in Food Label Proposed by FDA Not Enough, Say Health Officials

admin July 18, 2014 Comments Off on Changes in Food Label Proposed by FDA Not Enough, Say Health Officials

Labels on the food packages that provide nutritional facts of the product like the ingredients contained in the food and levels of nutrients don’t clarify how the food is good for consumption.

According to the campaigners of public health, the information must be in such a way that it can help buyers make a choice that is healthy for them.


They added that a more understandable statement of the ingredients that are good and those that ought to be avoided on the labels is important. The FDA is working on a revamp of the label and has suggested two versions of it.

The FDA suggested a revamp of the nutrition facts in February that gave more importance to calories, modified the amount per serving to match what Americans actually eat and put in a separate line for the added sugars in the food.

However according to FDA Commissioner David Kessler the emphasizing of specific nutrients provides food companies with the chance to put in statements on the front package which can be misleading for consumers like putting in fiber for sugary/fatty foods.

This would promote low calories which nay people prefer irrespective of the nutritional value of the product. Though the inclusion of separate line for the added sugars have been praised by public health authorities, Kessler stresses the importance of a line which suggests the amount of sugar that should be consumed daily.

The other version of the label on nutrition facts that FDA offered in February’s suggestion was one that sorted the nutrients by the amount that is ideal for consumption and the maximum amount that can be consumed. This has been endorsed by several nutrition experts.

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