Nestle Launches Butterfinger Peanut Cups with a Humorous Ad

admin January 17, 2014 Comments Off on Nestle Launches Butterfinger Peanut Cups with a Humorous Ad

Leading food products giant Nestle has adopted an innovative way to launch its new product after a gap of five years.

The new product from Nestle, Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups was launched through a funny super bowl ad that shows peanut butter and chocolate attending a couple’s therapy.


Nestle has high hopes that this promotion would help to regain its stand against the Peanut Butter Cups of Reese. With over 100 million viewers every year, The Super Bowl would hit air on 2nd Feb. This well-known launching pad is the right choice as people enjoy watching the ads. Though company keeps the ads a secret, trends have changed now that allows them to release the ads through a teaser to attract more attention.

Nestle also follows this trend and has released a teaser that carries a hint of what the actual Super Bowl ad is about. Jeremy Vandervoet, Brand Manager, Butter Finger, Nestle said that people need to open up and have an awareness about the new product and the best way to do that was through a Super Bowl.

The company has been working on the product for more than two years and the ad centers around the tagline that buttercup is going to be crunchy.

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