Panera Plans to Revolutionize Fast Food Industry

admin July 22, 2014 Comments Off on Panera Plans to Revolutionize Fast Food Industry

As a part of a drive to improve customer experience, Missouri-based Panera has introduced Panera 2.0 which is a novel ordering system that the company handed out to its stores this April.

Using this ordering system users are able to place their order via their smartphone so that they are not required to wait till they reach the store for placing the order.

Panera Bread

For many years, the fast food business had equivalent to an unvarying high calorie menu mostly consisting of fries and hamburgers in a simple dining setting. Ron Shaich of Panera Bread changed all this with his introduction of a fast food industry model consisting of low calorie handmade artisan foodstuff served out in an agreeable dining setting.

Subsequently salads, soups and sandwiches replaced fries and burgers and Panera Bread became a trendy franchise chain having in excess of 1800 stores in Canada and US.

Ron stated in a recent interview that Panera 2.0 not merely a mobile-payment method or a digital-ordering method but an integrated, complete, uninterrupted solution which, according to him,  will trim down friction like waiting time, improve order precision and get rid of crowding while making a platform that will help the customers enjoy an additionally personalized experience.

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