Mullinix: Busy Lives Demands for Better Food Packaging

admin February 6, 2014 Comments Off on Mullinix: Busy Lives Demands for Better Food Packaging

A Mullinix Packages executive stated that as the lifestyle of people is very quick paced, the consumers demand for food packaging that offers long shelf life and maintains food quality.

Tim Love, Vice President, Sales Department, Mullinix informed Food Production Daily that consumers have very less time to do cooking but are much concerned with the quality of food and their overall health.


He also added that these days, no one could create big meals at home and take care of the home, at the same time. This is because they are multi tasking and face lots of challenges.

Love also said that consumer prefer to buy fresher and healthier packaged food as fried steak and gravy has made way to whole grain wheat and berries. Similar transformation has been made in their packaging.

These changes are made in containers to increase the shelf life of the food while maintaining the quality and preserving the flavour of the food. The appearance of the packaging has an appealing look as it helps in attracting the customer’s attention.

He also pointed out that the package prevents oxygen from seeping in to the food. Hence the quality and taste of the food is well maintained.

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