Quick Cocktail Party Ideas

admin January 17, 2014 Comments Off on Quick Cocktail Party Ideas

Are you hosting a cocktail party? Are you confused about managing the crowd at your place or how to serve drinks that is fancy and delicious? Then read on to know hoe to make each drink very creative.


  • Plan for a huge crowd: Whether the crowd is huge or small, you have to be the perfect host of the day. Have an estimate of the quantity of ingredients you need and stock on the beverages with some extra bottles. Also, have lots of ice before hand, as your guests will not like drinks without the chill.
  • Rim your glasses using salt or sugar: Add extra touch to your cocktail drinks by rimming the glasses with sugar or salt based on the type of drinks you intend to serve. Wet the rim of every glass with lemon wedge and dip it in a bowl of kosher salt or sugar.
  • Have a DIY drink bar: For laid back party, set a DIY bar as the guests can prepare their own drinks. You can also place some instructions on preparing different drinks to help them.

Prepare drinks before hand: This would save you the trouble and avoid making your guests wait impatiently for the drink.

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